The Colour Party

The flags used by the Royal Canadian Legion are referred to as Colours and our Colours are as follows:

  • The Canadian Flag
  • The Red Ensign (1922 – 1957)
  • The Royal Union Flag
  • The appropriate Provincial or Territorial flag(s)
  • The United Nations Flag
  • The NATO Flag
  • The Legion Banner
  • The Ladies Auxiliary Banner

Members of the Colour Party, including the Colour Party Commander and Parade Commander, wear Legion dress.  Comrades in the Colour Party receive training that addresses basic drill movements, flag protocol and flag drill. 

Colours are paraded:

  1. At the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Legion meetings;
  2. On Legion parades such as a Church Parade, Decoration Day, Memorial Day, Remembrance Day and related ceremonial occasions;
  3. Colours may also be paraded at community, provincial or national events that are considered important, and
  4. At the discretion of a Branch President, Zone or District Commander, Provincial or Dominion Command President when it is believed that the image of the Legion will be enhanced by the presence of a Colour Party.