New Hamburg Legion 532 Memorial Banner Programme

The New Hamburg Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion is inviting families to sponsor a memorial banner in honour of a veteran. The goal of the initiative is to engage our local community to honour and remember veterans.  All deceased and living veterans who served for Canada/UK and their allies may be honoured.

Each banner will highlight a specific person and will be hung on a light post in the downtown areas of Wilmot.  This year we will begin the programme with 50 veterans displayed in New Hamburg.  In the ensuing years, we will add more banners in New Hamburg and in the other Wilmot communities.  This is not limited to soldiers from Wilmot – you can purchase one for a family member who lived elsewhere.

  • Each banner will display:
    • Photo of the Veteran
    • Name of the Veteran
    • The era of service [WWI, WWII etc.]
    • The branch of the military
    • The years served
    • The sponsor of the banner

Each banner will be double-sided in full colour and is guaranteed to last for 10 years. The banners will be placed on the light standards from Thanksgiving until the end of November and then stored at the Legion until the following year.

The cost is $150 per banner.

The Legion will pay for banners for soldiers of those families who cannot afford to purchase one.

Due date for applications this year will be June 30, 2022. 

If interested, please complete the application form and send to Bob Neubauer:

For further information, contact Bob Neubauer [above] or Marie Voisin:

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